Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Video Techniques

The final unit for this course is "Digital Video Production." Many of you may have already done some video work in other courses. So some of the video material below (terminology, etc.) will be familiar, but it is still good to go over for review.

Below are some videos that you will view.

Make sure you log into your own account as you watch the videos. If you are unsure of the answers, remember that you can watch a section again before you provide an answer. Your answers will make up a part of your final mark for this unit.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Soundscape Project

For this assignment you will be creating sounds to enhance a visual experience.
  • You will need to select a photo for this assignment (or take your own photo or use one of your own).
  • You want a photo with which you can associate many different sounds. 
  • You will create a soundscape for the photo. 
  • If you were in the location of the photo and closed your eyes, what would you hear?

Monday, April 30, 2018

Creating Sound Effects

For this assignment you will create four (4) sound effects
  1. Click here and/or here to get some ideas on how you can create your own sound effects
  2. Choose four ideas (or come up with your own)
  3. In a blog post, explain what four sound effects you will create and include what materials you will need and whether you will have to do it at home or can complete the assignment at school
  4. Create your sound effects (a portable digital recorder is available for use)
  5. Upload your sound effects to GarageBand (edit each sound effect in separate files)
  6. Become familiar with how GarageBand works (refer to the video tutorials across the top of this blog)
  7. Using GarageBand, edit each sound effect and export it
  8. Some of the sound effects may be uploaded to the Digital Production 120 account on Click here to listen to sound effects that have already been uploaded. 
  9. Review the checklist below to ensure you have completed everything
Note: We have an account with FreeSound where we will be able to upload our sound effects for others to hear and use. 

Student Checklist 
  • I completed my blog post (four sound effects I will create, what material I will need and where I will record them
  • I created four sound effects and recorded them
  • The recordings are of good quality
  • I spent some time getting familiar with how GarageBand works
  • I edited my sound effects in GarageBand (separately) 
  • I exported each sound effect as a separate file 

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Sound Basics, Audio Recording and Sound Effects

The next unit is "Digital Audio." Before you start working on the assignments, you will first explore the basic science of sound and audio recording

A sound wave can be represented as a waveform which graphically describes the shape of the wave.
Sound waves can be either Non-Periodic or Periodic.

Non-Periodic consists of a single wavefront that quickly dies out (for example, a hand clap).
Periodic sound waves are created by the vibration of an object (for example, a guitar string or tuning fork)